What people are saying about the Image Consultant Lila Reggad

  ".....Lila's concrete advice and examples,  
  together with her warmth and sense of 
  humour, gave them more tools to use as 
  they move forward in their professional 
  journey in Canada. As many were 
  beginning workplace internships the 
  following week, they commented that they 
  would be incorporating many of Lila's 
  suggestions very soon. In fact, when we 
  saw the group next, many had changed 
  wardrobes, hair cuts and were carrying 
  themselves more confidently! Lila's 
  presentation made a positive impact, 
  Gina Alexandris, Director, 
  University of Toronto,   
  Faculty of Law                    Toronto, On

  "How can I thank you enough for helping  
  me improve my appearance and my 
  ability to choose the clothes that suit my   
  style and lifestyle.You have such a  
  professional, courteous and very friendly 
  approach that made me feel so  
  comfortable and at ease during the entire 
  process and I would not hesitate one  
  second to recommend you to friends and 
  As a result, I feel more confident, more   
  powerful and definitely would hire you  
  again as an Image Consultant in the near  
. future.
  The whole experience was so positive
  and so much fun. I love the result!"
  Hanif Jamal, Investor        Toronto, On 

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In this uncertain economy, we might feel powerless and insecure about our position, our jobs, our clients. Therefore, it is crucial to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and place ourselves in a strong position in the market place.

We have no control over the economy but we can take charge of our life by being in control of one of our best assets: our image!  An Image Consultant will help you to understand the importance of Image and maximize your potential!

Your image is the most important communication tool that you have. It tells the world who you are and who you aspire to be.
”You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Most people make an immediate judgment about your level of professionalism and credibility. It takes only seven seconds for someone to form an impression about you. Your image is crucial to your success and should not be compromised by any self-sabotaging messages you may be sending through non-verbal communication.
After dealing with our Image Consultant company, you will learn to project the right visual impression and use the best behavioral and communication styles to achieve a positive and lasting impression that promotes success and a more positive self-image.

At Optimum Being, we believe that we are all Diamonds, either revealed or not, in the rough or already polished. We have the tools to guide you to discover the Diamond within yourself and show you how to make it shine to finally express who you are meant to be and live your full potential.

 We will help you when:

  • You are facing challenges as a public speaker, lawyer or you are in the eye of the media and need to have and image that is congruent with your words…

  • You are already successful but you feel like you have reached a plateau and want to move your career to the next level.

  • You are single or have come to a relationship change and you are struggling to attract the right person in your life and have no idea what image you are projecting…

  • You have difficulty finding the right clothes that fit your personality and flatter your figure…

You desire is to shine your best and project success  – 
here’s how…

Our Image Consultant services will develop a few strategies to help you be the best you can be in all aspects of your life. This is accomplished by showing you…

  • The importance of image and how to present yourself the best and feel attractive in your everyday life

An Image Consultant helps you to discover your uniqueness and make you glow with the support of different techniques like colour analysis / body and style personality analysis / hair styling / wardrobe audit / personal shopping support. 

  • How to excel in business and social situations / etiquette and communication skills

These skills are crucial to complete a successful image and to maximize your potential. An Image Consultant will coach you on social and business behaviour, dining etiquette and communication skills and how to be aware of your body language. 
This will help improve the quality of your communication and attract more success in your career.

​                            The benefits you will gain with working 
             with Lila Reggad are:

  • More confidence
  • Increased self - esteem
  • Improved control over how people perceive you
  • Better public image
  • Increased ease in public speaking and in presentations
  • Added influence in your industry
  • Increased client base and more income
  • Saved time and money
  • Reduced stress
  • Generate more results
  • Added energy and enthusiasm at work
  • More open to new possibilities

If you understand the importance of image, if you are committed to success and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your desired goal, just act now. Hire an Image Consultant today!
Simply contact us and we will commit to empower you and/or your organization and make your inner Diamond shine to the best light possible! It is never too late to maximize your potential!
Warm regards,

Lila Reggad
Certified Image Consultant  

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An Image Consultant can make your personal brand a great asset to your success

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