Colour analysis-Body analysis-Style analysis-Wardrobe analysis
Colour analysis-Body analysis-Style analysis-Wardrobe analysis
Colour analysis-Body analysis-Style analysis-Wardrobe analysis

  Personal Colour Analysis: 
​  Did you know that we all have particular colours that make us look our best, make us feel and look younger, 
   vibrant and more confident? 
   At Optimum Being we offer a detailed colour analysis that helps you discover the particular blends of colours 
   that harmonize with your hair, eyes and skin tone. It will also guide you on how to select clothing, jewellery, 
   make-up and will enable you to choose the right combinations for work, social, and special occasions. 
   You will be able to create a wardrobe in which EVERYTHING matches. You will find out what are the best, 
    the "WOW" colours for you that make you glow.   $250.00 for the session ( 1 hour to 1.5 hours)

Colour analysis
   Each consultation is tailored to the individual
  Personality / Style Analysis: 
​  Choose a style that best suits you.Why some clothing styles just seem so you and others are definitely 
  someone else?

  Knowing your style is a must. You will have the words to give you inspiration when you are putting an  
  outfit together and it will make your life easier every time you get dressed to face your day. 
  Imagine the comfort of knowing exactly what to look for in your closet when dressing, and knowing that 
  when you shop you will know the styles that fit your body and personality the best.

  With series of questions, we will identify who you are at a deeper level and discover your inner 
  essence that which makes you UNIQUE. It is one of the most powerful tools to creating a personal 
  style that you love that will make you shine and be yourself. 
  Adding this service to a colour analysis session will give you an edge in your overall appearance.
  You will find out your personality style but more importantly the potential for your personality.
  You will feel confident because it will resonate with who you are and the message you tell the world!
  You will receive a complete assessment and printed description of your style so you can refer back to
  it for years to come!   

  Body Analysis:
  Have you ever wondered why some styles look great on you while others less so? 

  After our colour analysis session, our body analysis service provides you with an understanding of the elements
  of design that work best with your body size, shape and proportions. These style elements include clothing shape,  
  print, fabric and colour. In this session, we take measurements to determine your silhouette and provide you with
  a set of guidelines for choosing the type of clothes that will accentuate your good features and harmonize your 
  overall body and create an illusion of having a balanced body. You will be able to dress in the way that suits you 
  the best and most importantly, create a look for you that is authentic and flattering. 

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​  Wardrobe Analysis:
​  How many times have you looked in your well-filled wardrobe and thought “I have nothing to wear”?  
  Chances are that you wear 20% of the clothes that you own with the remaining 80% just taking up space.  
  Optimum Being’s wardrobe analysis service works with you to audit and evaluate your wardrobe, and  
  develop a plan for the clothing items that you need based on your budget and lifestyle. 
  We show you how to manage your existing clothes, and then help you make choices about what to do 
  with them, suggesting alterations and updates, donating them to a friend or charity, selling them, 
  or simply tossing them away.  
  A well balanced wardrobe projects the appropriate message and facilitates a “put together” look at 
  all times and for every occasion. We work with you to build a wardrobe that meets your needs.  
  Do you find yourself perplexed, knowing something is off but you can’t quite put your 
  finger on what it is?
  Using these specific services, we will show you how to work with colour, balance, design details, fit,  
  fabrics, pattern, wear-ability, and mix and match-ability to streamline your existing wardrobe so you  
  have a true sense of what works, what doesn’t and where you need to fill in. 
  We will also show you how one or two well-chosen accessories can turbocharge your look and take  
  any outfit from ordinary to amazing. It does not need to be expensive to build a wardrobe so you can dress well. 
  Through wise planning and making better clothing choices you will save money – and you will look great!
  A colour analysis session prior to this service would be of a great advantage.
  Business and Social Etiquette:
  Your image is crucial to your success and should not be compromised by poor business and  
  social etiquette. Optimum Being can help you get acquainted with today’s business etiquette, 
  from greeting international corporate customers to exercising good table manners. Optimum 
  Being will teach you how to sip soup graciously and shake hands without offending your most
  important contacts.
  Whether you are a newcomer to the marketplace or a veteran, business etiquette will help you 
  clear up confusion about the complexities of social interactions in modern business. No matter  
  where you work or whom you work for, proper etiquette can give you both a personal and 
  professional advantage. if you want to find out how good manners can help you succeed in your 
  professional life, Optimum Being can show you how.

wardobe analysis
 Communication Skills:
  What your body language is saying about you? Posture, personal space, facial expressions, eye  
  contact, head position, face and hand. Gesture and movements can make you appear confident 
  or uncomfortable.She is coaching you on how to interpret and manage non-verbal communication 
  and how to best communicate in different social functions for a positive outcome. 
  The method we use allows you to decode body movements, understand the related emotions, reveal 
  what remains unspoken, and with a series of videotaping you will get instant feedback on your overall 
  image. You will be able to communicate with confidence and establish credibility non-verbally.
  This will help improve the quality of your communication and attract more success in your career. 

  Personal Shopping excursion with your favorite Image Consultant:
​  Personalized shopping excursions in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Paris or anywhere  
  that you would like to visit and discover. I am at home in the fashion world of these great cities ! 
  Take some time for yourself or with your friends and enjoy shopping and finding exclusive pieces with 
  your personal shoppers. This a great way to treat yourself or someone you love to a few days of fun,  
  relaxation and retail therapy!  

  Make-up Consultation: 
  Are you unsure what colours and products work best for your skin tone? Do you have features that you  
  want to minimize or to emphasize? Applied makeup well should enhance your features not overpower 
  Our make-up consultation service provides you with the techniques and guidance you need to look your
  best, everyday. The personal colour analysis will help you select the right make up that is in harmony with 
  your complexion and eye colour. We help you to select and use the products that will enhance your 
  features, provide warmth and glow to your skin and make your eyes pop.  
  Any person can become their own-make up artist. Because our service starts with a personal colour
  analysis, you will have the confidence of knowing that you will look and feel great.    

  Personal Shopping: 
  Do you hate shopping? Are you unsure how or where to start to build a wardrobe?
  Our personal shopping service can help. Let us help you make the best clothing choices for your 
  wardrobe needs. Starting with your wardrobe plan, we will help you to develop strategies for shopping  
  on your own and show you how to make the choices that best suit your body type and skin tone –  
  based on your personal colour analysis – and which allow you to express your unique style and 
  personality. Taking an expert personal shopper with you and learning from them will save you money 
  in the long run as you will buy items that you will wear, rather than buying mistakes. It can be expensive
  and time consuming to build a wardrobe without expert guidance. Let us save you time and money and
  give you the knowledge that you need to project a confident, put together look all the time.  
  We have developed close relationships with many retailers and can pre-shop for you so that when you 
  arrive at the shop, much of your work is done for you. Our careful, personalized selections for you will  
  help you save time and money and you will look fantastic.     

  Lady Shine Party: 
  These intimate playshops are an accessible way to receive the benefits of an image consultation
  in a group setting for a very  reasonable price. Host an image home setting with the maximum 
  number of 8 people in attendance and the day will be free for you. Choose a topic, personal 
  colour analysis, body and style, wardrobe advice etc..., invite your friends and learn about yourself 
  in a warm and fun atmosphere. Sessions can be customized to meet the needs and interests of 
  your group. The fee range per person can vary depending on the content, length of the session, 
  and number of participants. Please inquire for more information on our Image group possibilities. 

  Personal Shopping without leaving your home / office:
​  Are you so busy you don’t know where to find the time to shop? 
  Allow me to shop for you! I will scour the shops for items that will work for you, bringing them to you to 
  try in the comfort of your home or office. Specializing in creative wardrobes, Optimum Being will take 
  the stress and confusion out of shopping for you.     
Image Glow Services
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colour analysis session is recommended but not mandatory for Personal Shopping Services.

Colour analysis-Body analysis-Personality/Style analysis-Wardrobe analysis-Make-Up consultation-Personal shopping-Business/Social etiquette-Communication skills-Lady shine party
Image Glow Services (colour analysis/Personality/body analysis) are highly recommended prior to Business/Social Etiquette and Communication Skills.
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