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  "We were delighted to have Lila Reggad present to our students earlier this year. Our group  
   consists of internationally trained professionals from many parts of the world. While they are all 
   aware of the importance of image and first impressions, Lila's concrete advice and examples, 
   together with her warmth and sense of humour, gave them more tools to use as they move   
   forward in their professional journey in Canada. As many were beginning workplace internships  
   the following week, they commented that they would be incorporating many of Lila's suggestions 
   very soon. In fact, when we saw the group next, many had changed wardrobes, hair cuts and 
   were carrying themselves more confidently! Lila's presentation made a positive impact, indeed."
   Gina Alexandris, Director, Internationally Trained Lawyers Program
   University of Toronto, Faculty of Law  (January 2012)                                                 Toronto, On 

  "How can I thank you enough for helping me improve my appearance and my ability to choose the 
   clothes that suit my style and lifestyle? You have such a professional, courteous and very friendly 
   approach that made me feel so comfortable and at ease during the entire process and I would not 
   hesitate one second to recommend you to friend and family. As a result, I feel more  
   confident,more powerful and definitely would hire you again in the near future. The whole 
   experience was so positive and so much fun. I love the result!"
   Hanif Jamal, Investor                                                                                                    Toronto, On 

  "Prior to embarking on my journey with Optimum being, I was the type of person who did not 
   enjoy clothes shopping. I had difficulty finding clothes that suited me and usually cut my shopping 
   trips to the mall short, feeling exasperated. Since working with Lila Reggad, I have an easy time  
   assembling my outfits for every occasion.
   She taught me what colours, styles and cuts best suit me and how to dress for any occasion. 
   My experience with Lila has been nothing short of amazing. I have a renewed sense of confidence 
   when I walk out my front door in the morning. The information I have acquired is completely 
   invaluable and it has changed how I feel about myself. 
   My investment in the Image Consulting process will pay dividends for years to come. 
   Thank you Lila for helping  me discover my style and look." 
   Michelle Johnston – President of The Working Well Inc.                                         Toronto, On

  "Optimum Being has transformed my whole image! I feel younger, more energetic, slimmer and   
   more confident in my personal and professional life. I cannot believe the compliments I received 
   from people. I didn’t know that shopping could be an easy and fun experience. I understand now 
   how important it is to have clothes that fit me and how the right clothes can enhance my total 
   image. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lila Reggad. Thank you so much."
   Keyvan, President of Seal company                                                                           Toronto, On  

  "I wanted to take my wardrobe to a different level - one that reflected me professionally and  
   personally. What I learned from Lila was invaluable. In addition to learning what style, fit and   
   colours were optimal for me, Lila enabled me to shop with confidence. The investment
   in Lila has already resulted in thousands of dollars of savings – on clothing mistakes I no longer     
   make! Thank you Lila!"
   Kathyn,                                                                                                                          Toronto, On  

   "I wanted to express my appreciation for your charisma and style. Your knowledge today on 
   image, body type and colours appeared to be instinctual for you. Your professionalism made the 
   information fun and easy to learn. The impact of the real life examples of shape and colour  
   choices on yourself and people at the seminar were very effective and made me seriously look at  
   some of my accessory and clothing choices. I found the handout summarized all the information 
   clearly. This seminar was a wonderful opportunity to learn what would best work for my style. 
   I had only hoped that the presentation would have been a bit longer. I look forward to making an  
   appointment with you in order to make the most of my potential." 
   Roxanne, Advisor                                                                                                         Toronto, On

  "Lila Reggad has performed wonderfully in her presentation. From her glowing personality to her  
   contagious enthusiasm, she knows how with connect to people, touch and engage them. She  
   brings depth and meaningful awareness around her topic that she lives with passion and 
   Her humor and charming French twist makes it even more interesting to listen to.Thank you Lila."
   Patrick Rhein, life coach                                                                                               Toronto, On  

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